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Car security and remote sensing features

Build 19 provides a car security mode, better support for the Telit GC864, and an improved remote sensing mode for monitoring various equipment.

Car security board   Generator monitor board   Generator monitor installation
Car security board has ATMEGA88, GC864 GSM module, Aarlogic GPS 3A, integrated antenna, lithium ion battery charger, optoisolated alarm inputs, and relays to control car functions.   Generator monitor board has ATMEGA88 and voltage regulator. Port B is brought out to screw terminals, and is ESD protected by reverse biased diodes to ground and Vcc.   Generator monitor installed at a public safety repeater site.

Car security mode:

Pinouts for car security mode and GC864 supervision:

Remote sensing improvements

Build 19 can send INPUT and ALERT messages in text format, with a list of conditions and the status of each. For example:
This is a generator monitoring example. There are up to eight inputs and the text labels can be customized. The + indicates a condition which is asserted (input pulled down or LOW) and the - indicates one which is not asserted (input HIGH). This feature was added for a customer who wanted to monitor a generator, but can be used for a variety of purposes. Use the OPTION_REMOTE_IO and OPTION_REMOTE_IO_TEXT settings for this mode. The text is hard coded under PHONE_STRING_INPUT_TEXT.

GC864 supervision and control

The GC864 module has RESET, ON/OFF, and PWRMON lines. Build 19 will turn the module on if it is off, reset it if it hangs, and cycle its power in POWERSAVE mode. This requires three I/O lines and two transistors with base resistors. Use the OPTION_GC864_POWER_AND_RESET. The transistor emitters are grounded and collectors go to the GC864 RESET and ON/OFF lines.